March Member of the Month!

"I went to the doctor. He told to me that I need surgery operation for my back and
I didn´t like his answer. ☹
I asked for another solution to solve my problem from him. He said that I have to stengthen my back and stomach muscles.
It may solve the back problem but its not guaranteed he said."

March, the month when things tend to slow down a little. The midd winter holidays are far behind us, the new years resolutions seem to loose their importance and then there's the time change. We loose an hour from our mornings and suddenly 7am means 6am according to our inner clock.......

All those excuses that we use to talk ourselves out from going to the gym. Except for some!

And for us, that someone was Tom.

Besides just crushing a new PR on his deadlift last month, Tom's story with us is quite exceptional too.

A few years ago Tom approached our Coach Ansku for the reason that he wanted to turn the direction that his ship was going to. He had excruciating low back pain that the doctor was not giving him many solutions to except a surgery. Tom was not happy with this answer so they agreed with his doctor to give it another 6 months, just train hard and if that was not going to be enough then....well that he never needed to find out!

Tom started with private sessions with our Coach supported by our Sport Fysio Simone. Slowly but surely the pain decreased and his body started baring more training load. But what was the key behind his success was his attitude...or that Tom never had an attitude. Even being as strong as he is, he never said another word, but instead just did the work. Came into the gym every single time a half an hour earlier just for to do his mobility work and he still does.

From a man in a verge of a back surgery to a man who lifts 160kg's! That, for us, is at least worth the title of a Member of the month!

1) First name / Age Tom / 51


1) What was your goal(s) when you first came to Stadi CrossFit?

 Bad back and want to get better condition

2) Describe a little how was your experience with the coaching style in Stadi CrossFit and how it has helped you in reaching your goal(s)?

 I like your coaching style because you give feetback immediately when its needed. Also I really enjoying small group training.

4) Any other comments you would like to make. 

Great coaching guys !

February Member of the Month!

" I was an underdog. But I had been in similar situations many times before  in my life: Be patient and you will proceed!  

So I gradually got on and now I enjoy it all. "

This member deserves the title of Member of the Month for not only for the progress he has made during the past month, but for the amazing progress we've seen in him during the 3 Years time we've had him training with us!

Besides just the clear physical progress and improvements in his movement skills, we've seen a clear change in how he believes in his own skills and abilities to learn new! That's pretty amazing!

We love his analytical approach to CrossFit. How he wants to understand the little bits and pieces first to be able to then put them in practice. That makes ours coaches hearts melt. What could be better than getting to share what we are so passionated about with a member who is so eager to learn from us?! 

CrossFit is like math in so many ways. Asking the right questions can sometimes be much more important than solving the problem. You can't make a change in something you don't understand first.

So Juhani, keep the questions coming, we are more than happy to solve your way through to a Muscle Up this year! :) 

 Juhani, 62

Juhani, 62

When I first came to StadiCrossfit some three years ago it became very soon clear to me that my first goal in doing crossfit was to survive.
Earlier I considered myself to be in a rather good shape doing e.g. body bump on a regular basis, but the  fitness cult of crossfit appeared to be quite different.
The for me overdriven metcons with their  endless repetitions drove me in the beginning to the borders of exhaustion & annoyance because these exercises were more demanding that I could tolerate during this phase.
I was an underdog.
But I had been in similar situations many times before  in my life: Be patient and you will proceed!
So I gradually got on and now I enjoy it all.
The powerful connection between the upper and the lower body through a trained tight core showed to be the key of doing proper crossfit.
I am amazed to realize that an elderly man like me can still make considerable progress in getting stronger, more flexible and better at movement skills.
The coaches of the Stadifit team are professional , interactive, so they have very good abilities in transferring the essential fitness ideas to the class participants who in turn are encouraged  to ask questions about the current tasks, so they could have a better idea how a certain progression is to be done.
My next crossfit  goals are to do the bar muscle up and the ring muscle up. These progressions nowadays seem  to be for me more and more probable to carry out.
A teacher as I am myself, I am also an obedient pupil , eager to learn new things, be it math, riding, creating music,…, crossfit!

January Member of the Month!

"Nothing is impossible and every movement we adapt and figure out."

For January, our pick was obvious!

This person has been showing a great example to everybody who thinks they can't that yes you can! The world is full of excuses, but she has none.

This member has been the driving force behind our new group "Adaptive CrossFitters".

Everything new always requires that courageous someone to show the others that it's possible and she has been that one for the rest of the group!

We hope that her example encourages others alike to stop thinking of the things that they CAN'T do and to start focusing on the things they CAN do. Because as we know, there's a lot of that! :)

Congrats Anna! We are looking forward to many many successes with you as we know that with your mentality there will be a lot of those coming! 


 Anna, 35

Anna, 35

What was your goal(s) when you first came to Stadi CrossFit?

I wanted to try if I could do Crossfit and of course to be stronger and fitter. I’m hoping it will help me to be better at my sports

Describe a little how was your experience with the coaching style in Stadi CrossFit and how it has helped you in reaching your goal(s)?

I like a lot the attitude of our coach. Nothing is impossible and every movement we adapt and figure out. I think we are still in baby shoes what goes to my goals but I’m sore and my arms hurt after every class  so I think we’re on the right path. Everything is new to me and I like that we’re learning new movements slowly one at a time. 

Any other comments you would like to make.

I’m so happy that you’re gym has taken us with open arms to be a part of your awesome team. And that Lucas was interested enough to go learn adaptive CrossFit and bring it to Finland. A huge thanks for that! 

November member!

"Lately I have realized that I know my body much better, I know my weak spots and I know how to turn those weak spots in to strong spots. :-) "

Another month has gone by so it's time to award another member for the great effort and team spirit shown during the past month!

This month, the choice was easy. This athlete has shown, not just that he's always in it with 100% but also his will to learn!

Alex started with us just a few months back, but already he is an inseparable part of our community! He's a great team player always cheering on others and also challenging his team mates to do some extra fun together!

He's a perfect example of someone who has fully understood the fact that you don't get better by just going harder and heavier, but by sometimes taking a few steps back and doing it better and wiser. That's the way to go Aleks!

What was your goal(s) when you first came to Stadi CrossFit?

There were 2 reasons why I came to Stadi CrossFit. One is to strength my legs and CORE since I've been struggling with runners knee injury and I haven't focused to basic CORE exercises before. And second reason was to get to meet new people and to learn from them. Recently I moved to Finland from Latvia and I didn't want that here I have only work. I believe that training can help to balance work and personal life. But now I'm hooked with CrossFit philosophy thanks to professional Stadi CrossFit coach crew. I really enjoy workouts because main focus always is on right technique and I got so many good tips from each coach that I want learn more and more. And by the way Stadi CrossFit is only box which is communicating in all social networks in English what was crucial for me when I've been searching for CrossFit possibilities in Helsinki. :-) 

Describe a little how was your experience with the coaching style in Stadi CrossFit and how it has helped you in reaching your goal(s)?

Well, I already mentioned in previous answer that I enjoy focus on technique from each coach. I like that all coaches are different and from everyone I can take something for me. One other important thing is that all training are in small groups and coach can focus on each athlete. During each session I'm getting new tips about how I can improve my performance. It's great that coaches are sharing those tips not only during official workouts but as well when I'm warming up or when I'm staying after workout to work with my weaknesses or to learn new movement. All this experience helps me a lot and lately I have realized that I know my body much better, I know my weak spots and I know how to turn those weak spots in to strong spots. :-) 

Any other comments you would like to make?

Thanks to Stadi CrossFit, I'm hooked with CrossFit philosophy overall. I started to read about it and realized that CrossFit is not only about hard and tough workout sessions but as well about lifestyle, about people and about right body movements. I really like that CrossFit community is focusing on kids and in the feature I want to know more about that. As well it's great to see how community is focusing on seniors. Each time when I see 50+ group performance I'm impressed. For example in Latvia this is not so common that seniors are so active and focusing on their overall fitness. And it's really sad. 
One additional and very important thing is that each Stadi CrossFit member with whom I've worked out have shared their own tips and tricks how to be better in something and this is really nice feeling when you can learn from each other. Thanks for that. 
"I really believe that your only competitor is you and each day you should compete with yourself, with person who you were yesterday. Be better version of yourself. :-)))  " 
 Aleksandrs (Aleks), 34

Aleksandrs (Aleks), 34

October Member of the Month!

Last month was so full of enthusiasm and hard work that we could have chosen almost anybody to be our member of the month! :)

So this month's choice was based on, not just the great work done during the past month, but the overall great effort shown by this athlete through out the time he's been working with us!

 Juan, 33

Juan, 33

Juan has always shown a great attitude especially towards learning; wanting to always learn and improve. Not just by adding more weight, but improving the quality of movement. That pretty much sums what we emphasize in training, and he is a living example how that mindset leads into great results!

We all have the same challenge called "time". We can either use that as our excuse; "I don't have time to workout" or work with what we have. Juan, even though having had a baby, never gave up on training, but instead is using the time that he has working efficiently and is still improving!

6.15 o'clock sharp, when the gym is empty, Juan is always the first one to arrive; to do his warmup and prepare for to be able to give his best every single time. And if you do some calculations, that 15min's counts as 30min each week, that counts as 2h every month. So even when you are short on time, you can still do small things that in the long run, counts as big things.

Well done Juan! We love your great attitude and are looking forward to more great training months with you!

What was your goal(s) when you first came to Stadi CrossFit?

Its been a while since I join! If remember correctly, mostly to improve (or regain) my general health as in the past years had become quite inactive mostly due sedentary work habits (desk job). Some years before,I tried a few CrossFit sessions (not starter group but regular clases), and I really like it.,However, the class was quite crowded and felt the instructions were kind of short (kind of fast and limited due number of people). This time, I wanted to do it the right way, starting from the basics and learning the technical moves properly. 

Describe a little how was your experience with the coaching style in Stadi CrossFit and how it has helped you in reaching your goal(s)?

Before joining I looked at different boxes, and even though I had a couple of options closer to my home; I decided to go to Stadi Crossfit because of the small groups coaching which provided a personalised approach.  And indeed, I think it was a good decision, as it has helped me a lot. I am kind of slow to learn new movements (or forget old ones done the wrong way) so after many tries and lots of patience from the coaches, I have made clear progress in technique, mobility and strength (At beginning, couldn't even made 1 squat rep properly).  The focus on technique over quantity is great, also the mix of focusing on particular muscle groups/ movements during an extended period of time ( ~6 weeks programming) has helped me in particular. Finally, scaling options in my weak areas, and coaches raising the bar for areas that seems to be going fine, makes it more engaging.

Any other comments you would like to make.

It has been a great journey so far, still have plenty of room for improvements and learning. I feel quite good with my progress so far, despite that sometimes wish that I could have done some things faster. But then I realise it takes time, not to get it right but to keep it right. I think I have got great tips for particular movements from all the coaches. In a way, each one has their own share on how to make you improve in certain movements (probably based on their own experience) so might be good that you try alternate your training with all the coaches (if possible every now and then). Finally, wanted to mention about the great supporting community we have got. They make you push yourself harder when they know you can do better, and its also fun to share jokes with them at the gym (or on social media).



September Member of the Month!

The decision this month was easy! Our very own Stadi Sweetheart Heli, has shown us coaches how well she always listens and then puts that into practice. What makes us especially happy is the fact that every time we give Heli some corrective feedback, a few weeks later we see how she has really picked up on that specific thing and made progress! There's no such thing than the "same old story we tell her every time", no because that's never needed!

Coming from a ballet background, heavy weights was for long something that she didn't feel exactly comfortable with. So why she was our pick for this specific month is the fact that now more than ever, we've seen her challenging herself with weights and really leaving her comfort zone behind. Well done Heli!

Heli, if you don't always hear much from the coaches is due to the fact that you are usually doing so awesomely well! Remember that technique is not your enemy, but sometimes the mind is trying to hold you back. So keep up the same fearless attitude you've been having now and there will be no obstacles on your way to great results! :)


What was your goal(s) when you first came to Stadi CrossFit?

My initial goal was to be active again. I also wanted to be able to trust my body more, challenge it and control it in physically demanding situations. As type 1 diabetic I have been told I shouldn’t do any harsh sports, but that has just given me more determination to do the opposite – and do it well ;-) Being in my comfort zone just wasn’t enough anymore. I had heard good things about Stadi CrossFit and wanted to try out there. That was a bit over a year ago…and here we are! 

Describe a little how was your experience with the coaching style in Stadi CrossFit and how it has helped you in reaching your goal(s)?

I wouldn’t be this far on my journey without Stadi CrossFit and that’s thanks to the coaches and fellow gymmates. Seeing other members progressing gives me strength to try out hard as well. And the way our coaches take their moment with each member to help them out is what makes it special. Because without the individual comments and corrections by coaches, I would have never started to notice the things I need to concentrate on. In my opinion I have progressed a lot in short time and now I know waking up for the crazy a.m.-workouts has been (and will be) all worth it! And what’s the most important, at Stadi CrossFit I feel inspired and that keeps me making new goals to reach all the time. 

Any other comments you would like to make.

Everyone keep up the good work! And stay strong, happy and healthy!

 Heli / 26

Heli / 26

Member of the month for August has been revealed!

This past month's member of the month prize goes to a person, who is the definition of the Finnish word "SISU"! 

"Sisu means that you finish what you start, you don't quit in the middle of a job, and you don’t whine."

Enough said! That's our Miia and that's why we love her! No whining but a lot of doing and that has brought her to the point she's now at and progressing even further as we talk!

 Miia 41

Miia 41

Neljä vuotta sitten, kun aloitin Lucasin PT-ohjauksessa, minun tavoitteeni oli pystyä vaeltamaan Ugandan sademetsässä etsien vuorigorilloja. Saavutin tavoitteeni kaksi vuotta sitten, kun vihdoin uskoin itseeni ja uskalsin lähteä matkaan. Minulla oli hyvin vähän vaelluskokemusta ja siksi epäröin pystynkö siihen, eikä nuoruudessa aktiivinen kilpamelonta millään tavalla ollut rakentanut vahvoja jalkoja. Eli lähes nollasta lähdin liikkeelle. 
Aluksi vierastin crossfit-tapaa harjoitella, mutta tykästyin lajiin, kun Lucas minua pikku hiljaa ohjasi siihen suuntaan. Parasta lajissa on sen vaihtelevuus ja intensiteetti ja se, kuinka lyhyelläkin, kovalla treenillä saakaan tuloksia aikaan. Valmentajat ovat todella tarkkoja, että teemme liikkeet oikein, ja näin saamme parempia tuloksia, jokaisen tason ja tavoitteen mukaisesti. He haastavat ja tsemppaavat ja kehottavat jopa vähentämään painoja, jos näyttää siltä, että tekniikka ei pysy kasassa. He pitävät meitä kuin kukkaa kämmenellä, useimmiten kuitenkin piiska selän takana  Nyt en enää vaihtaisi crossfitiä, enkä Bulevardin salia ja sen valmennustiimiä tavalliseen yksinäiseen salipuurtamiseen. Parasta Bulevardilla on todella hyvä valmennus, kannustus, yhteisöllisyys ja jokainen siellä käyvä persoona. Eikä sovi unohtaa pieniä ryhmäkokoja, jotka mahdollistavat nämä treenin ohessa tapahtuvat henkilökohtaiset ohjaukset. 
On mahtavaa huomata, kuinka olen pystynyt ylittämään itseni monessa asiassa, joita en olisi koskaan kuvitellutkaan tekeväni enää. Vielä minulla ei ole seuraavaa selkeää tavoitetta, kuten aloittaessani, mutta eiköhän tässä iässä ole nyt tärkeintä ylläpitää hankittu lihasmassa? Jos totta puhun, niin haluan kehittää voimaa ja lihasmassaa niin paljon, kuin näihin narukäsiin ja jalkoihin on mahdollista saada. 
Suurin kiitos Lucasille, jonka ansiosta treenaan nyt yhtä kovaa, kuin 17-vuotiaana tai jopa kovempaa. Kiitos myös Simonille, Anskulle ja Jussille, olette kaikki mahtavia!

July Member of the Month - Jenna!

"I've learnt to compete with myself rather than comparing myself to others."

This month our choice for the member of the month title was based on the fact that Jenna is a true team player who still doesn't let the people around her distract her from her own goals!

What we love about Jenna is that she doesn't really care how slow or fast the other people are moving through a workout, she sticks with her own pace that allows her to keep the quality up. That is the key to longterm success, and Jenna you are well on your way there!

Keep on doing what you're doing!

What was your goal(s) when you first came to Stadi CrossFit? 

 Jenna, 27

Jenna, 27

My goal was to find a hobby that challenge's me physically but also mentally and where I can improve my skills in all the areas of fitness. I enjoy training in a team, so the concept of small group crossfit inspired me. 

Describe a little how was your experience with the coaching style in Stadi CrossFit and how it has helped you in reaching your goal(s)?

The coaches at stadi crossfit are the best, their profession and knowledge is very high quality. They support and challenge us at our own level. They have done a great job creating an environment where our strong community has developed making it possible for people with very different sport backgrounds and goals to train together. Different training phases make sure we can improve comprehensively. For me that means I have to step out of my comfort zone and face my weaknesses. I've learnt to compete with myself rather than comparing myself to others. I highly value our coaches dedication for teaching us the correct techniques, first comes quality then we can discuss the weights. That makes everything feel safe. I've become closer to my inner child as our coaches sometimes encourages us to play around like little monkeys. Training in stadi crossfit is at same time serious but fun. All of this is the reason I come all the way from Oulunkylä to Bulevardi. 

Any other comments you would like to make.

I appreciate our community's ability to joy for fellow athletes achievements and the endless cheering and supporting we give for each others. I found that very motivating. Our community together with the overall training is the best stress relief and balance for work and other challenges in life. Thank you for everything.