Start-Up Membership


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The Start-Up Membership is your introduction to our small group CrossFit format coaching. The core of the coaching you receive is our small group personal training Technique classes (4-6 people maximum). In order to train safely and effectively, it is important to learn the basic movement techniques first and get your body used to being exposed to a broad range of movements. If you are new to our coaching or CrossFit, this is the way to begin with us. 

During the Start-Up Membership, you will have access to our Technique classes as well as our Mobility classes). Our Technique classes  make sure you learn safe movement techniques and the Mobility classes will prepare you body for the new way of training.

After you have attended at least all of the 6 classes covering the basic movement techniques. you can join in our normal CrossFit classes. With this format you can begin with us at any time.

The technique classes are held on:

mon 20-21

wed  20-21

fri 19-20

Movement and Mobility classes on:

thu 17.15-18.15


Start-Up Month - 1 month

The Start-Up month enables you to attend the classes at your own pace, giving you more flexibility.

Once you have completed the 6 different technique classes, you can start attending the other classes too. 

You can start your month at any time, your membership lasting a month from the starting date.

During your memberships, you will have unlimited access to classes

Start-Up Month 225€

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Intensive Start-Up - 2 weeks + 1 FREE week

If you wish to get started as soon as possible, the Intensive Start-up option will be the right pick for you!

The intensive Start-Up lasts for 2 weeks, when you'll attend all 6 technique classes within 2 weeks and as many movement and mobility classes as you wish.

After you've learnt the basics you'll get one FREE week of training for you to get a chance to attend the regular WOD classes to get the feel of our style of CrossFit.

Intensive Start-Up 145€ 

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This is our foundational movement program in which you learn and practice safely the fundamental movements needed to participate in our other programs (with the exception of Mobility). There are 6 themed classes in this program; once you have completed these sessions, you will be ready to join our WOD and 50+ programs:

1. Squats and the bracing sequence

2. Deadlift and kettle bell swing

3. Overhead presses

4. Lifts (cleans)

5. Gymnastics (hollow and superman position, pull up, push up and kipping).

6. Metcon session - rowing, skipping, sit ups and burpee

All newcomers to CrossFit and those wanting to continue perfecting their technique in the foundational movements. 



Mobility is "the ability to move freely and easily". Our mobility-classes are developed to increase mobility in the joints. Having wider range of motion in the the joints, will help athletes to achieve better movements.

The goal of the mobility classes is to get you more flexible and mobile, prevent injuries and help you in performing good quality movement.

The mobility classes are for everyone. Whether beginners or more advanced, all athletes will benefit from the classes and lear the techniques for future self-maintenance.